Ring Vanishing Handkerchief - white

Ring Vanishing Handkerchief - white

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There are many effects that require the vanish of a borrowed ring. We consider this to be the very best vanish of its sort for years.

This special Ring Vanishing Handkerchief enables you to vanish a wedding ring or similar in a very easy and convincing manner, and you can then later reproduce the ring from another prop of your choice.

A well-made and very useful accessory to use with many trick boxes. You will be delighted by the method and simplicity of use!

There are many ways that you can reproduce the borrowed ring from a prop you may already own, or inside a bun, ball of wool, nest of boxes, your shown empty pocket etc.

We don't supply these items with the Ring Vanishing Handkerchief, but you will find many methods in most standard magic books and magazines or on our website.

Sold at an unbelievable Mr. E bargain price.

Comes with Handkerchief & instructions.

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