Master Number Prediction - Download

Master Number Prediction - Download

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Predicting the total of three or more spectators’ freely chosen three or four-digit numbers is a classic mentalism effect. Most use expensive and/or suspicious looking switching devices. Here you use simple pieces of blank card, together with a pen and nothing else. Furthermore, it is very easy to do! This is sure to capture the imagination of all leading mentalists!

You request several audience members each to merely think of a three or four-digit number. You appear to read their minds and boldly write something onto an artists’ sketchpad or a large whiteboard that is left in full view with its back outwards.

Another participant signs his name across the back of a blank piece of cardboard. Each person thinking of a number now writes their freely thought of numbers, forming an addition sum onto the signed card. Note: You can show the signed name on the reverse side as a double check to each participant as they write their number.

The numbers are added together and double-checked by the person who has signed their name on the back of the card – then each of the participants check that their number is present. Despite all the careful checks when any spectator turns around your prediction you have correctly predicted the total!

·Only ordinary blank cards and a pen or pencil are needed, use your own.
·No mental calculations are required during the show.
·The participants can select any three or four-figure numbers; there is no force, calculations or restrictions on their choices.
·The signature can be verified at any time and no duplicate or dummy signature is used.
·Easy-to-do you will learn it in about ten minutes!
·The prediction is not altered and can be written or printed on any kind of pad, board, paper etc. It can even be sent in the post several days in advance of your show!
·Does NOT use the old ‘Out To Lunch’ method.

Full easy-to-understand download.

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