Quick Change Prediction

Quick Change Prediction

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A clever comedy prediction effect which is 100% visual and that you will really enjoy performing!

You have a playing card selected from a regular deck and display a large A4 laminated whiteboard with a message in bold lettering on the front concerning the chosen card.

The board is turned over to show a giant picture of the chosen card on its other side, but calamity - it is the WRONG card.

Not to be thwarted your show the message once again and rub a paper handkerchief over the wording.

Instantly the wording on the card changes to correctly name the chosen card!

Alternatively, we supply a second board whose letters can be changed to the chosen playing card first and then the board turned over to show a large printed picture of the correct chosen card.

A stunning & entertaining trick that is easy to do and is suitable for stage, cabaret or close-up performances. You can use any deck of cards for the selection by a member of the audience.

Comes with the two large A4 laminated whiteboards, special pen and instructions.

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