Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw

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This is an absolute gem for close-up or cabaret shows. Lucky Draw is also suitable to present for children. The method is both clean and mystifying. If you are an entertainer I guarantee you will use this!

Three A5 envelopes with no top flaps are boldly numbered on their backs ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’. The front of each one has a large window cut into it so that the audience can see that they are all empty.

Into each envelope are slipped three laminated cards, the backs of which you leave showing through the window of each envelope. The audience members can choose which card goes into which number envelope – it makes no difference to the working.

A lady has a go on your ‘lucky draw’ and selects any one of the three envelopes. Please note this is not a force, the lady does have a perfectly free choice calling out the number of the envelope she chooses. She can change her mind as often as she wishes, finally settling on just one, which you set-aside in full view.

The two cards rejected by the lady are shown and turn out to be truly major prizes had she chosen one of them. No matter – the lady’s chosen card is shown – and while she has only won the ‘booby prize’ she will still be delighted with the gift she receives!

It is very difficult to convey the strong but entertaining effect this has on an audience, you have got to experience it for yourself. Suffice to say that this will prove a winner in your new show or close-up work.

It is the ideal way of rewarding a lady for participating in other effects and always brings a delighted round of applause from the audience!

Comes complete and ready to perform anywhere and at anytime. Get yours today!

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