A Trip to Cancun

A Trip to Cancun

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Inspired by the classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect, originally created by Frederick Culpitt from England, George Iglesias brings us his UPDATED version, with an improved method and a powerful effect. A seven minutes solid comedy routine that has a great twist and plot and that is ready to entertain audiences of all nationalities!

Make any signed card travel to Cancun in a very unusual way!

A spectator selects a playing card and signs it, then inserts it back into the deck, shuffling it in. Now you, the magician, announce that you are going to teleport the spectator's card into an enchanting and exotic place, a sun-soaked beach in the Caribbean like Cancún. (You can name any other beach in the world, free choice). You make a magic gesture vanishing the card.

The spectator is invited to try to find his signed card in the pack with no luck, one by one the cards are shown but the selected card has just simply vanished.

To prove it, you show a poster of a beautiful woman wearing a red bikini and a hula skirt, she is holding a couple of coconuts and a face down card can be seen inside her bikini top.

You now announce that you will make one part of the spectator's body, his arm and hand, to travel in time and distance to Cancún to reach for his card and bring it back.

The spectator places his hand inside the poster and takes out the hula skirt instead, ‘Hummmm" you say "I told you to take the card out, not her skirt." When the poster is opened everyone can see that the girl is now MISSING HER SKIRT!

Once again you give the participant another chance to reach into the two dimensional world to find his card, he reaches inside the poster once again, but this time he pulls her bikini top out. When you open the poster, the audience can see that she is now covering her breasts with the pair of COCONUTS she was holding!

Exasperated you now decided to find the card yourself but to your surprise and completely by mistake you pull her bikini bottoms out of the poster together with the signed card.

Looking embarrassed you ask the spectator to name his card that he selected and when the card you hold is turned over it is the very card he selected & signed at the beginning.

You announce that is the end of the trick and take a bow - but wait the audience wants more! They want to see the poster! So you ask, “Do you want to see it?” And once more you ask, “Do you really want to see it?” The poster is again opened to display “Mario, the bay-watch guy” a handsome muscled man for the hilarious laughter-filled climax!

Great comedy for parlour and stage magic shows with lots of fun and banter from the audience. Very easy to perform and operate. An entertaining seven-minute comedy routine.

The card can be signed by spectator or not just as you decide. Alternatively you can use a duplicate card and force a matching duplicate (this is fully explained on the instructional video).

A Trip to Cancun comes complete with the model’s clothing, great quality 5 neodymium magnets which secures all the panels and instructional on-line video. Printed on a high resolution paper with a great level of realism which is then plastic coated to increase its durability.

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