A Very Special Gift

A Very Special Gift

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A single laminated story card is placed on a table, it is also your prediction.

Three more laminated pictures are given to a spectator to freely examine.

One is a picture of Santa, the second is a picture of Ernie Elf, and the third is a picture of a Snowman.

Telling a tale concerning a Very Special Gift to be delivered by one of these characters you let the audience decide who will make the delivery to that very special person.

A spectator chooses one of the pictures for themselves, a second picture is given to you and the third picture is placed into a magic hat.

Your prediction is now turned over (no exchange) and read out loud and, as the rest of your story enfolds, it exactly predicts the spectator’s actions as to which picture they placed where!

An enchanting effect suitable for both your children and adults' shows. Everything can be examined, resets in a moment.

It’s the perfect way to give a gift card or present at birthdays and other special occasions.
Only one prediction is used that never leaves their sight and is always correct!

Based on our popular item ‘Cat in the Bag’

This is a truly fantastic effect with a terrific method that we won’t reveal here, sufficient to say that its climax will really knock even magicians who have seen everything clean off their feet with total bewilderment!

Comes with laminated picture cards (6” x 8”) & instructions. You supply the small gift.

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