Quiz Time - Alan Tipton

Quiz Time - Alan Tipton

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Quiz Time is Alan Tipton’s version of a wonderful ‘tongue in cheek’ competition between a child and an adult or men versus women, where inexplicably the child gets all the easy questions and the adult gets the ones that are almost impossible to answer.

The ideal routine to carry in your bag for when extra time is required or you need to insert some guaranteed comedy into your show.

An adult and a child member of your audience are brought to the front to take part in your competition. You position a prediction envelope in full view, inside which you claim you will reveal the winner later.

Next you show a collection of laminated quiz cards (6” x 4”) which are mixed together and then one is selected for the adult, this question proves far too difficult for the adult to answer and so they score a ZERO point.

The cards are again mixed and then one selected for the child who has no problem at all in giving the correct answer and so gaining TEN points.

This sequence is repeated twice more; the adult failing each time to give the correct answer to a question card apparently randomly selected while the child ALWAYS gives the correct answer.

At this time the adult’s score is zero while the child’s has an amazing THIRTY points!

Finally, you decide to have one more question selected by chance which will be worth a massive FIFTY points to the contestant who can give the correct answer. Unfortunately neither of the two contestants can answer this difficult question.

Your prediction is now opened and comically predicts the child as the winner and then goes on to give the correct answer to the final question as your applause-pulling climax to an entertaining Quiz Time.

Comes with the twelve laminated Quiz Cards, large A4 laminated answers card, full routine and instructions. Very easy to do.

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