Toy Boy - Close-up & table-hopping

Toy Boy - Close-up & table-hopping

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When Marvillo first brought out his wonderful ‘Night Out in Paris’ it wasn't long before the ladies were clamouring to have something similar for the fairer sex. Toy Boy was the result and for some audiences it was even more popular than the original!

Long off the magical market we are pleased to offer it to you once again with improved pictures - the ladies love it!

You show a number of cards each of an attractive and sexy looking young man, explaining that these are pictures of charming young men who you claim are “professional toy boys” available when your female participant next pays a visit to Paris.

Your female participant selects one of the pictures sight unseen and entirely by chance. You request her to name the amount of money she is prepared to spend on the escort of her choice for an enthralling night out in Paris.

No matter what amount of money she names – you exclaim, “It’s a long time since YOU were in Paris, these days for that amount of money – this is all you would get!”

So saying, the selected picture is turned over to show that the spectator has chosen an ugly male tramp, the result is usually a SCREAM and then much laughter and good natured leg-pulling all around!

Marvillo’s hilarious novelty effect will give you and your audiences lots of magical fun when you perform it for your lady friends. It’s the perfect ice breaker!

Comes complete with six unfaked, laminated picture cards, which may be left for examination at the end, plus the wonderful Marvillo routine.

All rights to this effect were granted in 1975 by the inventor Marvillo exclusively to Eddie Burke & Magictrix, Stoke-on-Trent, U.K No other person or dealer has the rights to market this trick. All rights are strictly reserved.

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