Pick Your Drink

Pick Your Drink

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Originally published i Abracadabra by Arun Banerjee with acknowledgements to Aldo Columbini and Peter Duffie.

This is one of those handy close-up tricks that you carry in a small wallet and is always ready to perform.

Pick Your Drink is a self-working "lie detector" effect that determines a spectator's freely selected drink card, regardless of whether the spectator decides to lie or tell the truth about his selection.

A packet of ten cards is examined and shuffled and a spectator freely selects any one which is then buried in the packet.

The selected card is magically found by feeding 'data' into the Lie Detector!

Cards are laminated and about regular playing card sized. Carry in your pocket and perform it any time. Cards are not marked or stacked in any order so they may be shuffled and examined by audience members. No force used.

Comes complete with ten different drink cards, small wallet & instructions.

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