Predictions Unlimited

Predictions Unlimited

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Talking about Astrology, Clairvoyance & Telepathy you make predictions on individual business or file cards for three spectators in your audience.

Numbering each one and then showing the numbers on the cards before you write each prediction.

For spectator number 1 you appear to get an impression of their Zodiac sign.

For spectator number 2 you clairvoyantly predict his mother’s maiden name.

Spectator number 3’s a two-digit number telepathically transmitted from your mind to the spectator’s mind.

You claim your predictions represent Astrology, Clairvoyance and Telepathy.

Each numbered prediction is written on its correct card and then briefly shown to the audience, before being tossed face down onto the table or dropped into an unfaked clear wine glass.

After you have written your third prediction the three spectators name their Zodiac sign, mother’s maiden name and two-digit number out loud for all to hear.

Your impressions on the three cards are now checked by anyone and read out loud; incredibly they are very close indeed to the three thoughts just named!

You are not limited to the above three predictions but these happen to be the ones that I have used successfully myself for many performances.

You could for instance use them for Past, Present & Future predictions or your own preferred presentation to suit your performance style.

However in this document I also include my exclusive "Memories' effect; originally I constructed this routine for a group of ladies that I was entertaining that became one of the strongest mental routine that I ever presented in my 50 years as a full time mentalist and hypnotist. It became the most requested item in my show.

Nothing else is used save a small packet of your business cards (or a few blank cards) an unfaked pen & your and the three spectators’ minds.

For stand-up performances you will also need a wine glass so that your predictions never leave the audience’s sight.

No pocket writing, Swami Gimmicks or anything similar is used. No sleight of hand, not even a double lift!

Use your own properties.

Comes with our exclusive 12-page instruction booklet for this easy to perform miracle!

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