Egg, Lemon & Walnut

Egg, Lemon & Walnut

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This fascinating and amazing trick has been a very popular feature of both Magicians and Illusionists for many years.

A banknote is borrowed from the audience and its number called out loud for all to remember.

The banknote is then folded up small and placed upon your left hand which is then closed around it to form a fist.

Next a walnut is freely shown & positioned on top of your fist, then dropped inside & when your hand is opened the banknote has vanished!

A real egg is also placed on top of your fist and drops inside, but when your fist is opened the egg is there but the walnut has vanished!

Next a lemon is allowed to drop into your fist and the egg has vanished.

Finally you attempt to vanish the lemon but this turns out to be a stubborn fruit and it simply refuses to disappear!

So you cut the lemon into halves; or peel its skin away with a sharp knife and you find an egg inside.

The egg is broken into a glass dish and out drops a walnut.

The walnut is broken using a pair of nut crackers or a small hammer and a banknote is discovered inside, which when the number is checked proves to be the missing note!

Instead of a banknote a lady’s borrowed ring may be used.

Comes with full details in our 10-page Mr. E A4 booklet, no waffle just straight-forward instructions! Easy to do!

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