Time Premonition

Time Premonition

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You display a simple one-handed yellow clock.

You give this clock to a spectator and request they turn the clock dial on the back to any time desired and then place the clock into the provided box.

The spectator replaces the box lid and it is now given to you behind your back so that the selected time can not be seen.

Once brought back into view you can instantly tell what time the clock was set to.

The cover of the box is now removed to show your audience that your premonition is right!

The magician will always know what time is freely selected on the hidden clock!

Nicely made in plastic this will give you and your audience loads of magical fun and mystery far in excess of the small price that we charge.

Ideal to carry in your pocket and always ready to perform.
You will soon be performing this for everyone as it is very easy to do!

Comes with the special yellow plastic Clock (1,25" in diameter), its Box (1.5" square) & instructions.

Only £6.99

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