Adair's Melt Thru' Chip

Adair's Melt Thru' Chip

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A neat close-up penetration effect using a couple of red and black chips shown on both sides.

Both your hands are shown empty and if you wish your sleeves can be rolled up.

You ask a spectator to name either colour; red or black.

Placing both chips on the back of you closed left fist your empty right hand now slaps down upon them.

Your right hand is still shown to be empty but one of the two chips has apparently melted and penetrated into your clenched left fist.

The one chip that remains on your fist is removed and shown on both sides.

You then open your fist to show the chosen chip has penetrated through!

As neat a pocket trick that anyone could wish for. Very easy to do & sold at a remarkably low pocket-money price.

Comes with all the required apparatus and instructions.

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Only £6.99

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