Ice Cream Rainbow - Close-up model

Ice Cream Rainbow - Close-up model

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Everyone loves ice cream which is one of the reasons this is bound to be a hit in both your close-up & stand-up shows!

Showing the audience ten colourful laminated pictures of different colour and flavours of ice cream cones these are mixed and anyone has a free choice of any ice cream card whilst they are fanned faces down.

Touching the back of the card with just with the tip of your forefinger and then touching this to your tongue you are instantly able to name the colour and the flavour of the selected ice cream.

Could the backs of the cards be marked? Your audience may well wonder, so the next ice cream card is freely taken behind your back but still with just the fingertip on your tongue you can again instantly reveal the chosen ice cream with uncanny accuracy!

We include two superb climaxes where you can either correctly predict the last ice cream flavour and colour or reveal three selected ice creams chosen by a spectator!

Ice Cream Rainbow is ideal for both your children and adults’ shows & once you know the clever secret you will use it again and again. Nothing else is used save the ten cards we supply.

You will be delighted how easy it is to do and without any complicated memory systems. Perform it straight away!

Also included is a well-known popular song that you can get your audience to sing that fits in nicely with this entertaining effect!

Comes with the cards sizes of your choice; close-up A6 (6" x 4") sized cards and A5 Jumbo size (8.5" x 6") cards, and instructions.

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