Sam's Switcher Postcard Size

Sam's Switcher Postcard Size

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This is the stunning utility envelope-switch device from the esoteric 'Pentacle' trick to be found elsewhere on our website.

This effect may not suit every type of performer, however you may still want the special envelopes for the many other excellent effects you can perform with them.

We supply four of these super envelopes with several other routines but excluding the special requirements for the Pentacle effect, which is sold separately.

These four envelopes are made of BOP material (known to magicians as Kan't Tear paper) and are supplied in 2 sizes; Postcard or Playing Card size.

Comes with 4 special off white BOP envelopes (which are reusable time and again), plus detailed manuscript of the several great effects you can perform with them.

To order the set of 4 POST CARD sized envelopes (110mm x 160mm) please click below.

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