Dogone Bone - A6 close-up size

Dogone Bone - A6 close-up size

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You tell a story, illustrated with two laminated pictures, of your dog Fido who is always losing his bone & you ask the children to help him to find it.

Hiding one picture behind your back and the other picture in front of you with its back to your young audience, you ask them to guess which is the dog and which is the bone.

During the repeated routine the two picture cards magically change places two or three times in the most bewildering manner.

Based on the Two-card Monte, the children repeatedly fail to correct identify that dogone dog’s bone unless you wish them to do so!

You can have even have a child sit on one of the cards and they still cannot correctly locate that dogone bone.

As a teaser you even make a mistake in which the children all know where that dogone bone is - and yet still they are wrong!

Amazingly however, if you wish, the birthday child can always locate the bone and you assure the other children that when they have a birthday party they too will have the necessary magic to locate the missing bone. (A gentle hint that can get you many re-bookings!)

Comes with the two special laminated picture cards in Close-up A6 size & instructions.

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