Happy Santa Blendo - David Ginn - Sorry out of stock

Happy Santa Blendo - David Ginn - Sorry out of stock

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2 only left now. Happy Santa Blendo comes with four 12-inch silks (red, green, white and black) that magically blend into a super 36-inch full colour Santa Claus.

Designed to look like a Coca-Cola Santa without copying theirs, this must be the most beautiful Santa Claus silk on the magic market!

Graphics Artist Dena Wade, under the direction of David Ginn designed this Santa to have that feel of the Santa we all loved from our childhoods.

Use it in blendo fashion as explained in the instructions together with the correct folding details.

You may also have children place the four silks into a change bag or similar switching device and then produce the Santa silk in their place, an amazing applause pulling magical transformation.

Either way you have a winner for Christmas or any time of the year; after all the children love to hear about Santa all the year around!

Happy Santa Blendo also gives you the opportunity to lead the children into Christmas songs.

It's also the ideal effect to introduce Santa with his bag of gifts at your Christmas shows!

Comes with all the silks required & instructions. 1 in stock.

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