Rosini Secret - Odd Bin item

Rosini Secret - Odd Bin item

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1 in stock. The ultimate in close-up billet reading!

A small piece of paper is torn from a menu. A participant writes a brief question on the blank side of the paper and folds it.

The mentalist uses a deck of playing cards in their box as a little tray to display the folded paper.

The folded paper is returned to the participant.

The cards are removed from the box and shuffled by the sitter. She removes five cards and they're returned to the box and put away.

As far as the mentalist is concerned EVERYTHING IS DONE!

The folded paper is burned and the mentalist reveals the spectator's question through his interpretation of the five chosen cards.

The mentalist undetectably switched the paper for an EXACT DUPLICATE and read the question without any moves. The special card box does everything.

21-page paperback booklet (approx 8.5" x 5,5") with black & white illustrations. Use your own cards. 1 in stock

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