Ultimate Design Duplication

Ultimate Design Duplication

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This little-known method of duplicating a design secretly drawn by a spectator was first brought to my attention by Burling ‘Volta’ Hull when I visited him in Florida many years ago. He credited Jardine Ellis with the original idea and very kindly taught me his own handling of this classic.

A spectator secretly draws any simple sketch on an unprepared notebook and concentrates on it. As the spectator starts their drawing you also start to draw on a second notebook with your back turned away from the participant. Following perhaps one or two false starts you exactly produce the self same drawing!

Please note the following points:
·The spectator’s drawing is never touched by the performer and remains in their own hands at all times.
·No impression methods are used.
·No chemicals, codes or confederates.
·The drawing can be folded and sealed inside an envelope Uri Geller style if you so wish.

We supply the special gimmick,use your own pads and pens.
Easy to do.

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