Five Cards Close Up

Five Cards Close Up

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You count five Bicycle playing cards from hand to hand without any false moves or sleights, showing that you just have exactly five.

You then spread them out face upwards and have any spectator simply think of any one of the five cards; positively no force.

Take away just one card and drop it into your pocket and only now does the spectator name his card which corresponds exactly to your prediction, but there is more to come.

You turn over the four cards not selected and they have changed into the four Aces or four picture cards such as the Queens of Heart, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades.

Cards we supply vary from set to set but you can use your own cards if you wish.

What happened to the other cards? Well these have travelled magically into your pocket from where you dramatically remove them!

All the cards can now be left for examination and your spectators will find nothing wrong. A bewildering effect!

This is a clever close-up card trick that is easy to do and you will perform it often. It has the appearance of clever sleight of hand but no sleights are used - and it’s as easy as pie.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle poker sized playing cards & instructions.

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