Colour Changing Candle - Sale Item

Colour Changing Candle - Sale Item

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Colour Changing Candle is a really visual sequence of effects suitable for both the silent or talking act. It's ideal for cabaret, stage, children and adults' shows.

You show a picture of a white candle in a window envelope. You rub the candle picture with a red silk, and candle changes to red.

You repeat this twice more with a blue and then a green silk and each time the candle's colour changes to match the silk used.

Now you take all three silks and rub the candle but the candle turns back to white. Appearing perplexed, you pull the card slowly out of the cover and the white candle visibly changes to a pretty multicoloured one!

A enchanting applause-puller that is easy to do.

Comes complete with the apparatus (5" x 8"), "silky satin" handkerchiefs & instructions.
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