Psycho Predicto

Psycho Predicto

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You openly write out your prediction on the back of your business card and seal it in a small envelope.

Both the card and the envelope can be marked with a spectator’s initials and left in full view the whole time.

Ask any spectator to take out a few coins from their pocket and add them together. The total of the coins is now written boldly upon a small Post-it note and stuck to yours or a spectator’s forehead where it remains in full view.

The initials on the envelope are now checked and the prediction card inside is removed by a spectator – positively no exchange.

A spectator reads your prediction written in bold letters and numbers on the card - it is the exact amount of change that the spectator had in his pocket!

Words, numbers, colours, names you can predict almost anything using this stunning method.

*No swami gimmicks or similar are used.
*Nothing is attached to your fingers or thumbs or any other parts of your person.
*No magnets, threads, wax or anything is used.
*The full prediction is written with the very same pen or pencil, which could be borrowed, in any freely chosen colour.
*No carbon paper or similar impression items are utilised.
*Nothing is left in the envelope at the finish.
*Only the card, envelope pen and unfaked Post-it note are used. Nothing extra! Prediction is NOT switched.
*No chemicals, stooges or lovely assistants required.
*Ideal for cabaret, stage and close-up work.
*Simple, direct and very easy to do!

I am releasing the secret & instructions in this 10-page A4 sized booklet for the very first time together with a few samples to get you started. Otherwise everything is available from your local stationers & should cost you less than ten pence per show.

Only £12.50

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