Seance of the Magicians

Seance of the Magicians

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Five Master Magicians and Mentalists from past lives are brought together in this incredible séance!

You show rarely seen pictures of five Masters of Mystery from the past; Al Koran, Joseph Dunninger, Maurice Fogel, Dante and Harry Houdini.

It is clearly seen that you have two pictures of each magical headliner, ten pictures in total.

Explaining that, “These five magicians are all dead but Houdini had said if there was any way he could contact the living to prove life after death he would do so – despite many séances and other attempts no one has yet received a message from him from the other side.

"If Houdini failed by midnight on [here you mention the date you are now performing], then he would finally give up forever.

"Perhaps with the help of his magical friends he may just succeed on this, his final day!”

Now follows a series of mysteries all of a mental nature using just the ten pictures of the five deceased men of mystery.

Do the magicians’ spirits control us from beyond the grave? Two spectators each choose a magician from a genuinely well-shuffled ten pictures - incredibly they have both chosen the same magician and furthermore you have predicted which one they will both choose.

Séance or magic? Any spectator secretly chooses three magicians and lays these with their faces down on a table.

The spectator now mentally chooses any one of them.

You place one of your magicians also face down to one side as your prediction.

When the spectator names their freely thought of magician it exactly matches your prediction.

Clairvoyance or ESP? Both you and a spectator hold five pictures of the deceased magicians.

You put pictures face down one by one and the spectator does the same.

Once the pictures are turned over they are perfectly matched magician to magician!

Many other effects are possible once you know the secret of these incredible show-stopping magicians.

Comes with the A4 sized 11-page booklet and ten laminated pictures (4 x 5.5 inches) of magicians.

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