You Read My Mind

You Read My Mind

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Pattering about the history of transport, how it has changed over the years, you show five A5 (200mm x 140mm) laminated pictures ranging from a horse to a spaceship.

Explaining that mind reading has also evolved over time, you propose an experiment to demonstrate this by using the five pictures just shown.

The pictures are mixed face down and anyone freely chooses one, which after due concentration is remixed with the others.

Apparently reading the spectator’s mind, you concentrate and then remove just one picture, to the amazement of everyone you correctly reveal that your choice is the very picture they were concentrating on.

You explain that the business of mind reading has now evolved to a point that very often a spectator can read your mind.

You now concentrate on one of the five pictures. The spectator concentrates in the manner that you did previously and then removes just one picture.

Incredibly this is the picture that YOU were concentrating on!

No force, P.A.T.E.O, Equivoque or similar involved. The selections are always different at each performance. No set-up, no sleights, no counting or false moves. No secret messages or whispers. Easy to do!

You Read My Mind is a stunning effect that is suitable to perform for all ages children or adults and is a real puzzler that you will love performing.

Something different that is always ready to perform. Get yours NOW!

Comes complete with the five transport pictures & instructions.

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