Pure Chance

Pure Chance

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Imagine the classic effect of Tom Sellers’ great ‘Just Chance’ performed without fakes of any kind. You use just a few sheets of newspaper, three ordinary envelopes and a banknote. No thumb tip, no tray, no body steals and no double envelope. No wonder we called it Pure Chance!

You show three sealed envelopes and explain that one contains a banknote while the other two hold just folded slips of paper. Two spectators are invited to step forwards for a game of ‘Just Chance’! They are each given a completely free choice of any of the three envelopes leaving you with just one of them. They can change their minds as often as they desire.

Once they are satisfied with their choices you all tear open your envelopes and remove whatever is found inside – the spectators find just slips of paper – either newspaper or hard luck messages.

You tear open your envelope and remove a £50 note or other high value banknote or even a cheque!

The effect uses no fakes of any kind – just three ordinary envelopes, the slips of paper that are cut or torn out of an old newspaper – and your own banknote.

Once you have studied the illustrated instructions that we supply and given it a couple of trial runs, you will be performing Pure Chance in no time at all.
·No special get-ready except folding the banknote and papers, then sealing the envelopes.
·No force is used – the spectators have a perfectly free choice. You can do this under almost any performance conditions. Get yours today!

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