Merlin's Magic Hat - Jumbo A5 size

Merlin's Magic Hat - Jumbo A5 size

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This is a fabulous feature effect for your children and family shows.

Have you ever wondered why magicians pull rabbits from hats? Well read on for the full story.

Everything is illustrated by several large sized colourful laminated animal cards and a Merlin’s Magic Hat folder.

It seems that it was King Arthur’s birthday and in Camelot Merlin, his court magician, wanted to put on a special magic show for the good king by producing some kind of animal or bird from his magic hat.

The hat is opened and inside there is Merlin pondering the problem, so he decides to hold an audition – yes it's Camelot’s very first X factor talent show!

Several animals attend the audition; there’s the singing duck, the growling lion, the bucking donkey, the cheeky monkey, the cheerful chicken, the barking dog and the magic rabbit.

As each animal is introduced the children are invited to make the appropriate animal noise – which any children’s entertainer will tell you is always loads of fun.
There is a terrific vanish of the magic rabbit who is suppose to reappear in Merlin’s Magic Hat but he is not in the hat at all, as when you open the front it is found to be empty, but what is this, the children catch him bobbing up and down hiding behind the hat!

King Arthur was delighted with Merlin’s magic.

Eventually you see him as well and everyone gives him a well deserved round of applause.

"And so you see boys and girls, since that day onwards magicians worldwide have made rabbit appear inside their magic hats!" Resets in a moment & very easy to do.

Comes with Jumbo A5 size laminated cards, cut-out rabbit, colourful hat folder & instructions.

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