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Light n Heavy

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A fabulous novelty close-up trick you will use again & again. Very easy to do but a baffling effect with a hilarious comedy finish!

You show six picture cards that may be examined and these are slipped into six small envelopes and mixed by any audience member.

One picture is chosen as your ‘target’ by any spectator and then she replaces it inside its envelope.

Once again, they are all mixed and shuffled to the spectator’s heart’s content.

Each envelope in turn is passed to you and weighed on your hand. Eventually you place one envelope to one side as your “Psychic selection!”

The pictures in the other five envelopes are shown and none prove to be the one she picked.

The spectator opens your psychically selected envelope and it contains her chosen picture! But that is not all.

There is a big laugh finish that is just too good to give away. Sufficient to say that it turns a superb close-up mystery into an effective and entertaining feature that you will use again and again.

Comes complete with the six unfaked laminated picture cards(2.25" x 3.5"), envelopes & instructions.

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