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You, the psychic, intone to your audience that down through the ages man has expressed himself in writing in only three ways – numbers, words and pictures. You will attempt a test with all three.

First you fan a deck of playing cards in front of one spectator and ask him to merely think of any red card, then to avoid duplication a second spectator thinks of any black card.

A paperback book is handed to a third spectator and you request him to open the book at any page and remember any word on that page.

Finally you show a packet of about twenty cards bearing a number of designs. These are thoroughly and genuinely mixed and given to a fourth spectator, who is invited to mix them further, to open the packet at any card he wishes and remove any design. This can be done whilst your back is turned and the spectator is cautioned to hide his selection in his pocket.

Bit by bit, in the time-honoured technique of mentalists, you make a few statements about each of the mentally chosen cards and then correctly name them both.

Next comes the book test but difficulty is experienced as you make a few statements concerning letters in his word – but fail to name it.

All is not lost however, since you probe the last participant’s mind and quickly sketch something onto an artist’s pad. Simultaneously, the spectator holds up his design and you reveal your sketch. They match each other exactly!

This is a professional routine as performed by Jack Dean in many hundreds of performances. It requires a minimum of skill and can be quickly learned. No one-ahead, peek or similar methods are used. Supplied complete with the playing cards and approx A5 size laminated design cards. Use your own pad and bold writing pen.

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