Skulls, Cords and Wand

Skulls, Cords and Wand

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A spooky close-up version of a famous stage effect!

This fabulous trick uses just two sets of three mini skulls, two long cords and a mini wand all of which we supply and can easily be carried in your pocket.

The mini magic wand is tied in the middle of the two examined cords and then two sets of examined skulls are threaded onto the cords three each side of the magic wand and securely tied in place.

Borrowed rings, keys etc can also be threaded onto the cords alongside the mini skulls if you so wish.

The ends of the cords are held by two spectators and it is clear to your audience that there is no way that you could possibly release everything.

Muttering a few magic words and waving your mini wand you magically remove all the articles leaving the two cords still stretched out between the two spectators!

Everything can be left with your audience to examine to their heart’s content with no clue to your mystery.
Easy to do!

Comes with six Skulls in two sets of three (approx 2.75” long), mini Wand (approx 4” long, colour may vary) two lengths of Cord & instructions. Use your own or borrowed rings.

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