Extra Sensory Perfection

Extra Sensory Perfection

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Here is an item that I am releasing for the very first time – yet I can promise you that I have used the effect constantly in my Mentalism shows over the past twenty years to devastating effect!

You freely show ten laminated A5 size cards, consisting of two sets of five ESP cards, a Circle, a Cross, Wavy Lines, a Square and a Star; five matching cards to each set.

One set of cards is put into an envelope with the tops of the cards left in full view and then given to any spectator to hold out of sight, behind her back.

The other set of cards are freely mixed by a second spectator who then selects one of the five, he notes the design and then holds it behind his back. He is then invited to try and transmit the design to the mind of the first participant.

This spectator now freely reaches into the envelope that she holds still behind her back and removes any one of the five cards, which is displayed to the rest of the audience – let us say that she has removed the CROSS.

The second participant now holds up the design he has been transmitting – it also proves to be the CROSS – a devastating effect that brings you immediate applause!

*Only ten cards are used, no extras.
*No stooges or confederates.
*Ideal for stage, cabaret and stand-up performances.
*The laminated ESP cards are large approx. A5 size and so everyone can clearly see the effect.
*Easy to do.

Two alternative effects are also explained in the instructions. Everyone loves it when one spectator is able to read another’s mind!

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