Spirit Slates Locking Mini

Spirit Slates Locking Mini

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We are delighted to offer these magnetic mini slates to our valued customers. Please don't confuse them with cheaper sets of slates on the magic market.

The black inner part of each slate is the ideal size for a Poker sized playing card so the two slates can be used similar to a magnetic card box to vanish, produce or change one card for another!

Many uses will suggest themselves to you as well as the traditional routine we outline below.

You introduce two mini black slates which are blank on both sides. One side of a slate is signed by a spectator in white chalk.

The slates are placed together on the table, a playing card is then selected by the spectator from a deck, noted and returned to the pack. The deck is thoroughly shuffled and kept aside.

The top slate is removed and the signature of the spectator is verified.

Hey presto! It is seen that the name of the selected card is written on the other side of the slate!

At the end of the routine the slates can be freely shown
with no fear of the flap dropping out prematurely.

You will find many uses for these clever Spirit Slates in your close-up and parlour shows!

Comes with the two Spirit Slates approx. 11cm x 8.5cm (4.5” x 3.1/4”) & instructions.

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