Multi-Colour Mystery

Multi-Colour Mystery

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Ideal for parlour, club, cabaret, stage, TV & close-up shows.

Magicians looking for a good practical version of Just Chance would do well to consider this version by ideas-man Ken de Courcy as it has it all; colour, mystery, comedy & intrigue plus everything can be left for examination at the end.

Six different coloured envelopes are freely displayed each with a different number from one through to six on its back. Five different spectators take part.

Each in turn shuffles a pack of playing cards and then deals them face up one by one; if any number comes up from one to six the content of that coloured envelope is for them.

The contents prove to be things like a stick of chewing gum, an imitation banknote, your business card etc.

Each of the five envelopes is truly chosen by chance.

You do NOT touch any of the envelopes as they are chosen by the participants; you are left with the final coloured envelope which proves to have three genuine £20 banknotes!

There is no chance of going wrong you will always win the money.

Nothing is secretly loaded inside the envelopes during the performance as they are genuinely in place before you start.

Comedy words, jokes, riddles or pictures can be written or drawn on the front of the envelopes to be read out by the participants before they remove their prize.

No stooges or confederates are used - strictly a one-person act. Everything can be examined at the end. No swami gimmicks or similar are used.

Simplicity is the keynote so no sleights or false moves & no switch of any of the envelopes.

Comes with six differently coloured envelopes (C6 sized 6.5 x 5.5 inches, 16cm x 11.5cm) & instructions. Use any pack of cards.

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