The Zipper Tote Bag De Luxe

The Zipper Tote Bag De Luxe

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This super bag measures 8 x 9.5 inches and is nicely made of velvet with a silken cord and double pocket inside. This versatile model has a zip and so it can be opened like a tube to show it is empty.

Can be used to vanish, produce, change or force what you may. Unzip the bag and turn it inside out to show it is apparently nothing but an empty bag.

Drop an item to be vanished or changed into the bag and tighten the draw strings, say your magic word and then open bag to show that the object has either vanished or changed to something else!

When using the Tote Bag for children Eddie leaves the zip open and drops something inside not noticing that it has fallen out at the bottom. Then he creates loads of fun and laughter as he gets his fingers and tie stuck in the zip etc.

You can show the bag empty, then place a RED silk inside, turn it upside down, open the zip and take out a BLUE silk from the bottom, then do it in reverse!

Or drop coloured silks or ribbons into the bag and remove them to show they are now all turned into white ones. The colour magically going into your Magic Painting Book.

The Zipper Tote Bag De Luxe takes up no room in your briefcase and is ideal for stage, cabaret and children's shows. Can also be used as a tote bag to carry and magically produce and vanish your small props when doing table or close-up magic.

Comes with instructions. Colour may vary.

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