Gyrating Tables Act!

Gyrating Tables Act!

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Come back with me to that time between the 1920s and the 1930s a period between the two world wars. Millions of young men and women had been sacrificed in the so-called “war to end wars”, which had raged in Europe.

Desperate for messages from the people whose lives had been cruelly taken – mothers, sisters and family members turned to Spiritualism.

Two of the most fascinating ‘proofs of survival after life’ were both the Ouija Board and so called Table Turning claimed by many as proof positive of contact with the spirit world.

What we offer here is the correct method of the mysterious effect of making borrowed tables move, tilt, turn, answer questions by tapping and even dance around the room while simply touched by the tips of the spectators’ fingers.

You the performer do not go anywhere near the tables at anytime. No gimmicks or stooges are used – just genuine members of your audience and borrowed tables!

Presented as a demonstration of past beliefs, this seldom seen mysterious phenomenon ethically presented, will create a sensation in your show, at parties, mock séances or anywhere that people gather to be entertained.

Full fascinating secret & performance details in our 18-page booklet.

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