Patriotic Discs

Patriotic Discs

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One of the BEST pocket effects EVER!

A single laminated card is placed face down on a table as your prediction then three discs coloured Red, White & Blue are given to a spectator to freely examine.

Can you really control your spectator’s mind using these patriotic discs? We shall see.

The spectator chooses one of the discs for himself, a second disc is given to you and the third disc is dropped into a bag.

Your prediction is now turned over (no exchange) and read out loud and it exactly predicts the spectator’s actions as to which discs they placed where!

Incredible mind control is clearly at work.

A really fantastic effect with a terrific method that we won’t reveal here, sufficient to say that its climax will knock even magicians who have seen everything clean off their feet with total bewilderment!

We also explain how you can perform this stunning trick without the bag and coloured discs by using objects from your audiences’ pockets making it an impromptu effect you can perform anywhere at any time.

Very easy to do, everything can be examined & resets in a moment.

Only one prediction which can be varied is used and is always correct!

Comes complete & ready for you to perform with coloured 1.5" discs, laminated prediction card, small satin bag & instructions.

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