Chop Cup Combo - Red, White and Blue

Chop Cup Combo - Red, White and Blue

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This fabulous Chop Cup Combo outfit (R-W-B) is a set of three different coloured seamless spun aluminium cups for the close-up magician.

The perfect set-up for the beginner and the more experienced magician alike!

Comes complete with Cups (approx. 3" x 3.25"), a set of magnetic Balls, matching non-magnetic Balls, Cups & Balls Tutor (approx 13.5cm x 10cm) an indispensable 21-page booklet with black & white illustrations & Chop Cup Combo Tutor a 24-page booklet (approx 13.5cm x 10cm) with black & white illustrations throughout.

One cup is a Chop cup and the other two regular cups and balls.

Limited supplies now available at this price.

Only £20.99

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