E.asy S.ellers P.rediction - Mre

E.asy S.ellers P.rediction - Mre

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Inspired by the brilliant mind of the legendary Tom Sellers comes a double whammy prediction effect without equal!
Into an empty audience examined envelope is slipped a single white card on which you have genuinely written a prediction.

From a large A4 laminated list of ten different towns & cities worldwide, a spectator has a free choice of any one town or city. Positively no force.

A pack of playing cards are shown to be all different and shuffled. A playing card is now also chosen and put inside the envelope.

Your prediction is now removed and can be read out loud by anyone – incredibly it correctly predicts the freely chosen city and also the correct playing card!

Simple, direct and thoroughly mystifying. No swami gimmicks or similar – nothing for you to worry about and practically self-working. Easy to do!

Based on positively one of Tom Sellers’ very best ideas. You are going to love it!

Supplied complete with pack of cards and laminated list of towns and cities, all ready for you to perform this miracle effect straight away.

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