All Blacks

All Blacks

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All Blacks is a special set of envelopes with which many astonishing tricks are possible.

With their aid you will soon be predicting numbers, colours, dates, playing cards & a variety of other items only limited by your own imagination.

Consider the following effect: A large black envelope is given to a member of your audience for safekeeping.

Another spectator selects five playing cards from your regular pack. From these five cards any one is freely selected by yet another audience member.

The large black envelope is opened and a smaller black envelope drops out.

This second envelope is opened and a third, even smaller envelope drops out.

This last envelope is opened by any member of your audience and from it they remove a single playing card.

The envelope has nothing else but this single card. Nothing is secretly loaded into the envelopes during your performance.

At no time do you touch either the selected card or the prediction card and at this moment no one knows what either card is.

Both cards are now dramatically displayed to the audience and they match each other perfectly!

This special set of black envelopes can be used again and again for many performances.

Many other effects are possible with these superb versatile props and we make several suggestions but as we stated earlier you are only limited by your own imagination.

Comes with a set of special black envelopes (largest is 22cm square, smallest are approx. 11cm x 8cm) & instructions.

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