Ring of Chance

Ring of Chance

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One of our best-sellers! A scintillating ‘Just Chance’ routine using an expensive-looking diamond ring and three ring boxes. Here is a real feature effect that you will enjoy performing in all your shows.

·You show three empty ring boxes, which you can have closely examined and you either borrow or use your own costly diamond ring.
·The ring is inserted into any one of the boxes that is selected by an audience member and then all three boxes are closed.

Three different effects are now possible.
1. Any spectator freely mixes the boxes together and yet using your ‘psychic powers’ you unfailingly pick out the box that contains the ring.
2.After the boxes are closed and mixed the lady who has loaned the ring picks out the correct box that contains it. No force is used.
3.After anyone mixes the boxes you play a game of chance with two of the spectators – each selects a box – changing their minds as often as they wish. Whoever finds the ring keeps it – you of course end up with the ring while the other two participants get just empty boxes!

Supplied complete with the set of three ring boxes and full pictorial instructions. Use your own or a borrowed ring.

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