String Thing Mr E

String Thing Mr E

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String Thing is one of those effects that have been around for a long time but surprisingly, like many good impromptu tricks, seem to have been forgotten over the past fifty years or so!

A four-foot loop of black string looped over two fingers magically penetrates on to your other two fingers even though your fingertips are secured with rubber bands!

And then the effect is immediately repeated with even more security and amazement with rubber bands at both the base and tips of your fingers, clearly trapping the string between both sets of bands.

Next, with two lengths of string, a spectator copies your actions in a do-as-I-do routine but only your string penetrates your fingers while his string remains where it started.

String Thing takes up no room in your pocket and is always ready to perform, ideal for table-hopping, close-up, TV and to amaze your friends & family with this intriguing trick.

Very easy to do! No extra or secret properties are required.

Comes complete with the unfaked correct type of string, rubber bands & illustrated instructions.

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