The Professional Mentalist's Ultra-Mental Pack with Bicycle cards

The Professional Mentalist's Ultra-Mental Pack with Bicycle cards

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Here is an item that should be in every magician’s, mentalist’s and hypnotist’s working kit.

The Professional Mentalist’s Ultra-Mental Pack has everything you need to read minds or make astounding predictions at the drop of a top hat!

Uses a combination of principles made famous by Al Koran & David Hoy.

Close-up & walkabout: One or two spectators each secretly look at any playing cards in a pack. Instantly you are able to read their minds and correctly reveal the very cards that they are merely thinking of.

Stand-up, cabaret & stage: You toss out a deck of cards into the audience. Five different spectators each secretly peek at or cut to any card and remember it. Immediately and standing at a distance from the participants, you are able to divine all five cards with amazing accuracy! Two great professional routines are explained.

Prediction: You show a pack of cards and start to deal one card at a time upon a spectator’s outstretched palm. The participant calls for you to stop at any time. The name of the card stopped at is checked.

You show that if the spectator had stopped you earlier she would have had a different selection. You also count forward a couple of cards to show these would have been different also.

Amazingly, you have correctly predicted the very card where the spectator called for you to stop!

Déjà Vu: Anyone calls any number between one and fifty-two. You count down in the pack to this number. Incredibly you have predicted this very card!

This is the ideal deck to perform many, many outstanding effects limited by your own imagination and is perfect to use with our item 'All Blacks' also available on this website!

Comes with the special Bicycle poker sized pack of playing cards & instructions.

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