Ghost Rope - Incorporating Ghostly Knot

Ghost Rope - Incorporating Ghostly Knot

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Effect number 1 Cut & Restored Rope: The two ends of a length of rope are tied together making a large loop.

Using a pair of scissors the centre of the loop is openly cut through making two halves of the rope that are knotted together in the middle.

You tie the two cut ends together so you now have a loop of rope with two knots.

A spectator chooses a knot and you cut away at the other until, strangely, the knot is no more and the rope is completely restored to one long length of rope which may now be examined!

Effect number 2 Ghostly Knot: You tie the ends of two lengths of rope together under the watchful eyes of your audience. The other two ends of the ropes are securely held by two spectators leaving the knotted ends clearly visible in the centre.

Standing away from the rope suddenly at your command the isolated knot spookily unties itself and the knot disappears leaving the two spectators holding one long length of rope stretched between them!

The secrets to these fascinating effects are in the make-up of the ‘rope’ that you employ, using materials freely available in most supermarkets and many shops.

We send you a made-up sample of the special material used ready to practice with and promise you can get a good supply of this material from your local shops at minimum cost.

It then takes you a few seconds to prepare it according to our instructions then you are ready to perform it in your very next show.

No sleights are used; the secret is all in the few seconds’ preparation of the rope (no glue, wax threads, magnets or press-studs used).

Apart from scissors, elastic bands & our instructions that is all you will need to feature this splendid mystery again & again!

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