Double Shot Card Mystery

Double Shot Card Mystery

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One of the most perplexing card mysteries we have ever offered to the magical fraternity!

To a splendid patter line about a serial killer who always leaves two particular cards at the scene of his crime, a small “evidence envelope” containing the two playing cards from his most recent crime scene is left in full view.

Showing your regular deck of Bicycle Poker cards to be all different and mixing them with their faces uppermost for good measure, you then remove a single face down card that is inserted by a spectator freely in to the face-up pack at any point.

The two cards on each side of the inserted card are now removed by the spectator and shown to the audience, let’s say they are the five of spades and jack of diamonds, (the chosen cards are always different at each performance).

Any spectator opens the small evidence envelope and removes the cards inside showing them to the rest of the audience & the envelope can be examined.

Apart from the prediction cards having different coloured backs to the rest of the deck they prove to be an exact match to the chosen cards!

Does this mean that your spectator participant is the infamous serial killer?! A chilling thought that will send shivers down your audience's spines!

Can also be presented as a prediction effect without the serial killer angle if you so wish.

Double Shot Card Mystery is ideal for close-up, table-hopping and parlour audiences. No skill or sleights are required & the chosen cards are always different. Resets in seconds. Easy to do.

Comes with the certain somethings, the small evidence/prediction envelope & instructions. Use your own deck of cards.

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