Wonders of the World Prediction

Wonders of the World Prediction

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This is a stunning professional effect large enough for cabaret, stage and parlour shows.

It is ideal as either an opener, a closer or at any other point in your show as no one has to leave their seats in order to take part.

You display a large board with a giant card inside a transparent pocket.

On the reverse side are 4 small transparent pockets with 4 smaller cards in them each depicting one of the four Wonders of the World.

One of these is freely chosen by the audience. No force or stooges – the choice is obviously a free one.

When you turn the Giant Card around you have correctly predicted the very same Wonder of The World!

Comes with the the Board (approx 26cm X 26cm, 11 X 11 inches) Giant prediction card, four Wonders of the world cards & instruction.

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