Houdini Picture Frame - Small size

Houdini Picture Frame - Small size

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On the 31st October 1936, Halloween, was the 10th anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death, Bess his widow staged the "Final Houdini Séance" on the roof of The Knickerbockers Hotel in Hollywood, California, USA.

While Houdini did not make contact from the spirit world, a sudden mysterious shower of rain came down after Bess had blown out the memorial candle.

As such a shower was unusual at that time of the year in California, this led some press reporters to speculate: Was this Houdini's way of signalling from beyond the grave?

Showman Maurice Fogel took this story and presented his own version of The Final Houdini Séance, in which various magical things happened, all of which Fogel claimed could be explained by magical means!

That is except that final shower of rain.

Fogel’s routine was marketed by The Supreme Magic Co. who no longer trade.

Eddie Burke included the routine several times during his career, substituting his own effects for those suggested by Fogel.

One such effect was the appearance of a picture of Houdini in chains taken in 1899, the picture mysteriously appeared in a shown & examined empty picture frame that was stood on the table which formed the Séance alter!

The frames can also be used to make any picture' a Tarot or playing card that you desire appear in the examined empty picture frame so they are also useful in many other routines as well. Easy to do!

Comes with the photo frame (to fit a 6" x 4" photograph; 15x10cm), Houdini picture, routine, secret and Eddie’s own splendid patter & routine for ‘Houdini’s Final Séance’.

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