Mini Prediction Chest (watch box size) - Waiting for new stock

Mini Prediction Chest (watch box size) - Waiting for new stock

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I am waiting for new stock on this item if you are interested let me know and I will tell you when we have them back in stock again.

This is a sturdily made mechanical Chest along the lines of a Lippencott box, which enables you to secretly add or steal away items placed inside.

Imagine giving a parcel wrapped in brown paper to a local celebrity several days in advance of your act with the instructions to safeguard it and then to bring it with them, still sealed, to your show.

On stage in front of the audience the parcel is unwrapped to reveal a cardboard box sealed with sticky tape. This in turn is opened and packing paper removed – finally the spectator removes a small wooden chest securely locked with a padlock.

The box in turn is unlocked by your celebrity and contains a single sheet of rolled up paper with an elastic band around it – which when unrolled proves to be your prediction of things that have happened that very day – but predicted, signed and dated by you several days in advance!

The special chest that we supply can also be used to vanish a borrowed ring, watch or other small article locked inside it. Or borrow a banknote and have it marked and the number written down. Vanish the note and have it reappear locked inside the box for the spectators to remove themselves.

Suitable for the famous ‘borrowed Watch into a locked box effect!’

Comes with the quality made special watch size Prediction Chest & instructions. Use your own small padlock. Only 1 in stock.

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