Invisible Deck - Bridge Size

Invisible Deck - Bridge Size

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The Invisible Deck is one of the most miraculous card effects ever created in magic.

You throw an "Invisible deck" to a spectator in the audience and the spectator is asked to follow your instructions.

He is asked to shuffle the deck and check that the cards are all different and fully mixed.

He is then asked to choose any card from the invisible deck and turn it face up having first memorised the name of his chosen card.

All the above is done in pantomime using an imaginary invisible deck of cards causing much laughter from your audience.

The spectator slips the invisible deck back into its invisible box and tosses it back to you.

You make a catching motion and slowly open your hands to reveal a REAL card box which you open and remove a real pack of cards.

The cards are spread with their backs to the audience and it is seen there is just one card face up in the face down deck; it is the very card that the spectator selected!

No force of card; the spectator can name any card of their own free choice.

Comes complete with the pack of quality bridge sized cards & instructions.

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