ESP Ruler by Eddie Burke

ESP Ruler by Eddie Burke

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ESP ruler is a terrific close-up or walkabout item to carry inside your pocket. With its aid you can tell any person their ‘fortune’ and at the same time make an amazing and baffling prediction.

The ruler consists of a laminated card with the traditional five Zenner designs repeated several times along its length.

Measure a person’s hand with it and tell them their future prospects for love, health, money, pleasure and life expectancy.

Write out a prediction and then have them balance the ruler by its ends onto their two forefingers. They move these together as they wish and note the symbol both fingers stop at.

Open their prediction paper and you have correctly predicted their "Symbol of Fate".

This is practically a walkabout act in itself, being ideal as an aid to fortune telling or palmistry. If you don’t wish to tell fortunes then use it as a baffling prediction effect.

Always ready, write your prediction on anything that is handy.

Comes with two laminated ESP rules (approx 10" long x 2.5" wide 25.5cm x 6.25cm+) & instructions.

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