Mind Stunner - Jumbo Size

Mind Stunner - Jumbo Size

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New! Different! Exciting! The answer to the mentalist’s dreams. Here is the perfect one-person mind reading effect. No plants or stooges, no difficult memory work, no calculations & no advance preparation required.

This superb effect is great for the performer who works alone. Perfect for close-up or walkabout and under conditions that would usually handicap the performer.

Nothing to reset. Everything seems so fair that it doesn't seem that trickery is possible, yet almost under any performing conditions you appear to perform a miracle!

You show 10 Jumbo A5 sized cards (approx 148mm x 210mm) printed on each card are the names of ten different countries around the world. Each and every country is different, a total of 100 countries in all (they can count them if they wish).

The countries range from Albania to Yap. Most of the major countries of the world are represented. On the other side of the ten cards are lists of towns & cities around the world; several cities are on each of the cards.

The cards are shuffled and cut by a spectator to their heart’s content. One card is cut to the face of the packet. Please note: this can be ANY of the ten cards – this card is not forced in any way.

The spectator looks at the list of towns & cities on their chosen card and mentally remembers any one.

Nothing is written down and they do really have a free choice from the list. Once they have made their selection this card is immediately shuffled back into the packet. This choice of town or city is really fair, the performer can even turn his back whilst this is going on.

Next, the spectator finds the card that lists the country that represents the mentally selected town or city and concentrates upon it.

Immediately you appear to read the spectator’s mind – revealing both the selected country and the mentally selected town or city!

Remember, nothing is written down, no switching, no one-ahead & no card counting.

Harry Evans emailed to say, ‘Mind Stunner is absolutely brilliant!’ We are confident that you will think so too.

Comes complete with A5 laminated cards & instructions.

Only £17.99

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