Psychic Burgers

Psychic Burgers

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“1 in stock. And now ladies & gentlemen” you say, “We take a short break for a quick look at my favourite food; burgers, as supplied by magicians and mentalists in our very own Psychic Burger restaurant!

This is a fast food restaurant where we know and can even predict in advance your free choice of any burger!”

So saying, you display several different laminated pictures of burgers each with its own name also printed on the card; names such as Cheese Burger, Chicken Burger etc.

There is lots of fun and comments when the burgers are displayed.

The pictures are freely mixed together by a spectator, each is clearly shown & a spectator merely thinks of any one of them (no force).

Using your “special powers” as the King of Burger Restaurants or utilising psychological influences you are able to correctly reveal their mentally chosen picture to everyone’s complete astonishment!

Next you display a paper bag, another spectator chooses a Burger and amazingly when the bag is opened it contains a picture of the chosen burger or if you wish a real burger that exactly matches the one chosen!

Nothing else is used save the several pocket-sized mini cards, paper bag and prediction which can be changed each time.

Furthermore, the secret is most subtle and the effect is practically self-working; it will even fool other magicians & mystery performers. No sleights or similar methods are involved.

The theme lends itself to many different style presentations from the mysterious to the comical, as you take your audience to their favourite burger restaurant, the spectators have NINE different burgers to select from.

Psychic Burgers is an effective low-cost pocket, parlour or close-up mystery that is perfect for table-hopping and similar events as it can be reset in a moment.

Comes with the A6 sized picture cards of burgers & instructions. 1 in stock.

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